Medicinal Farming

Atul Gupta | 24 Aug 2009, 2:17pm
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Medicinal and aromatic plants (MAPs) are an essential part of traditional health care systems. Among the local and indigenous people, medicinal plants or MAPs evoke spontaneous and enthused values and importance for their health, cultural and spiritual needs.


The need for Medicinal Farming

In recent years MAPs are increasingly recognized as source of significant livelihood opportunities for the rural poor and revenue for the government. The gathering and cultivation of MAPs provide critical sources of cash income to many rural communities, especially, primitive forest-dependent tribes, landless poor and marginalized farmers.Forest produce also contribute to land productivity through the use of leaves as biodegradable agricultural material for manuring and animal excreta especially cow dung as manure. A large portion of the grazed fodder goes into the productivity of land.


The Cultivation of medicinal plants is ecologically safe. In China, India and many other countries in South and East Asia, traditional systems of medicine use thousands of plant species to treat malaria, stomach ulcers, and various other disorders. Moreover, they have huge export value in the recent times due to globalization. A recent survey in India found that more than 1200 medicinal plants are in use in the manufacturing and processing sectors and 162 plants were predominantly traded.


Some Facts about medicinal farming

  1. Some of the crops with the use of minimum water usage gives maximum yield.Also need nominal attention as compared to traditional farming
  2. Full consent of State as well as Central Govt. with regards to technological assistance & subsidy.
  3.  Less fertilized land can be used for cultivation.
  4. It boosts employment & small scale industries at village level.
  5. Availability of a large number of species and choice of plant types i.e., trees, shrubs, forbs, vines and their suitability to grown in different eco-physical conditions..


We,Hahnemann Charitable Mission Society 1996, are an ISO certified NGO catering to qualitative and fruitful consultancy services to Agro industry(s).The society has been promoting medicinal , horticultural,Jatropha & aromatic plantation since then & giving time to time input to the farmers from technology to marketing all over INDIA mainly Rajasthan.


HCMS has conducted numbers of seminars, trainings, campaigns, workshops for medicinal & aromatic farming The organization not only provides consultancy services regarding cultivation but also promotes the cultivation globally .


The following are some of our achievements:

  1. About 200 acres of land has been developed as medicinal plants estate.
  2. Supported in establishment of small nursery of medicinal & aromatic plants,India.
  3. Promoted 100 acres of land under Aloe Vera cultivation.
  4. One of our major Research projects entitles”Stevia Cultivation under Contract Farming”is undertaken in collaboration with an international company.
  5. Seeds & seedlings distribution to 1000 growers by the society in Bassi Phagi,Jaipur.


Opportunities in Cultivation:

South Asian states have rich and diverse traditions of practicing complex and rotational farming systems that includes herbal plants cultivation and therefore, conservation and ex-situ cultivation of medicinal plants especially applying organic farming protocols has a great scope especially to access international markets.


Medicinal farming will gain much importance in the coming years, therefore switch to it and see how the world around you changes.


For more information regarding our organization & its services visit us at




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